Learn Through Play

Playing is a powerful tool for development and learning.
The earlier you learn about child development, the better you give your children first learning experiences. It is essential to have someone support them through their learning stages, especially during the first five formative years when their brains rapidly develop.

Let’s find out more information about the development of children at each age and enrich it even better!


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Child Development

0-6 m

Visual Stimulation

Stimulate your baby’s visual development by encouraging them to focus on small objects like hanging mobiles and the baby gym.

Motor Stimulation

Support your newborn’s development of fine and gross motor skills with baby gyms.

Auditory Stimulation

Soothe your baby with gentle and playful sounds with music boxes or rattled mirrors.

Tactile Stimulation

Enhance your baby’s understanding of temperature, texture, and other touch sensations through sensory play.

Intellectual Stimulation

Tell stories, create scenarios and sing a songs with your newborn to support cognitive development by using floating baby books or photo books with vivid colors. Encourage your baby to learn about the world around them via imaginative exploration with unbreakable safety mirrors.

Child Development

6 m+

Touching and Holding

Develop tactile skills by exploring soft, smooth, rough, and patterned surfaces during play with Sensory Tumbling, teethers, and gummy rings.

Social and Emotional Development

Support the development of language, communication, and social skills by playing with your baby one-on-one and in groups with toys like PlanToys Baby Car.

Muscle Development

Develop larger muscle groups while improving balance and body awareness during active play using the roller, clutching toys, and walkers.

Enhance fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination with hands-on play, such as soft balls and clutching toys.

Intellectual Stimulation

Invite your baby to begin exploring and enjoying free play on their own by playing with Sensory Tumbling.

Encourage your baby to start communicating through storytelling by helping them recognize pictures and objects such as the mirror baby book and PlanToys Penguin.

Incorporate water toys like Sea Life Bath Set into bath time to enhance development and imaginative thinking.

Child Development

12 m+

Muscle and listening Development

Improve gross motor skills and understanding of balance through active play such as push & pull toys.

Boost fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination through hammering and pounding toys such as Pounding Bench and Hammering Balls.

Engage the auditory sense by helping your child differentiate between different sounds and rhythms with musical toys such as the Fish Castanet.

Social and Emotional Development

Make bath time exciting by exploring the properties of liquid and force and discovering how different objects float, sink and move through the water by playing with bath toys like Sailing Boat.

Intellectual Stimulation

Learn about shapes, colors, order, size, and patterns by playing with stacking, nesting, and sorting toys like Owl Sorter and Nesting Boxes; they help improve mathematical skills.

Encourage imaginative and creative play by exploring patterns, colors, and designs of different sizes, shapes, and combinations through playing with My First Phone and The Dino Car.

Child Development

18 m+

Fine Motor and Coordination Development

Support children in fine motor skill development and hand-eye coordination with wooden blocks, small sorting objects, and pretend-play toy sets like cutting wooden fruit and vegetables.

Emotional Stimulation

Build excitement around imaginative free play with emotionally stimulating musical toys such as Solid Drum and Concertino.

Intellectual Stimulation

Encourage cognitive development through educational play with toys that require categorizing, comparing, counting, and ordering, like Stacking Rings, Sort and Count Cups, and Sorting Puzzles. Strengthen logical thinking and problem-solving while helping children understand cause-and-effect relationships.

Language Development

Assist kids in language development with toys that inspire communication and emotional awareness by playing through My First Camera.

Child Development

2 yrs+

Fine and Gross Motor Skill Development

Further develop gross motor skills and physical strength through active play like Rocking Horse and Deliver bike.

Strengthen fine motor skill development and hand-eye coordination with puzzles, games, and construction play, like Geo Lacing Beads and Twisted Blocks.

Social and Emotional Development

Help your child better understand their moods and emotions through intentional play with toys like the Mood Memo or Build-a-Robot.

Intellectual Stimulation

Utilize sorting boards, puzzles, and mechanical toys like Geometric Sorting Board, Geometric Peg Board, Shape Sorter, Gears & Puzzles-Deluxe, or Jumping Acrobat to encourage trial-and-error learning, the understanding of cause and effect, and problem-solving.

Creativity and Imagination

Tap into imaginative thinking with educational alphabet and number playsets such as Alphabet A-Z and Numbers 1-10, including pretend play toys like Kitchen Set or Breakfast; they will encourage children to learn new words, sounds, combinations, and phrases.

Child Development

3 yrs+

Fine and Gross Motor Skill Development

Advance mobility and strengthen motor skills with outdoor playsets like Mini Golf and Meadow Ring Toss.

Further enhance hand-eye coordination and body awareness through independent play with active toys and cognitively simulating games like Tie-Up Shoe.

Emotional and Social Skill Development

Watch your child develop socially as they learn to naturally express feelings, communicate honestly and play alongside others while they play with Doctor Set and Fantasy Blocks.

Intellectual Stimulation

Soothe your baby with gentle and playful sounds with music boxes or rattled mirrors.

Support your child’s ability to concentrate and remember patterns or skills through matching and memory games with Tactile Stones.

Engage in storytelling with children via pretend play in the kitchen, backyard, or living room. Give them the chance to role-play as a doctor, dentist, chef, and more!