Toys don’t belong in a landfill.

Give your toys the chance
to maximize their full play potential with the
PlanToys PlayCycle!

Toys Cycle
Carbon Reduce

What is PlanToys PlayCycle?

PlanToys PlayCycle is a program that encourages and educates families on the benefits of passing on PlanToys items that your child has outgrown.

PlayCycle allows other children to enjoy and experience the fun associated with that toy as your child once did. Our wooden toys last for decades allowing every child who plays with them – no matter how old the toys are – to benefit physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually as much as the previous child.

The PlayCycle program supports sustainable living, encourages sharing, and gives wooden toys the chance to live their full play potential!

How does PlanToys PlayCycle impact the world?
By circulating toys through the PlanToys PlayCycle, we will build a global community together to support our earth and protect its resources for future generations.

According to the research, a child will play with a single toy for only six months.

A wooden toy will last about 40 years. Therefore, one PlanToys product be used by 80 children if cycled and shared.

For every 2,000 toys we PlayCycle, we will reduce the CO2 equivalent of driving a car around the world.

If we extend the life of one PlanToys product every year, you will help reduce 3.3 kg of CO2 emissions. That’s driving 28 km or 17 miles.

Sustainable Play
Play that can be shared with others

If you take proper care of your wooden toys, they can last a lifetime and be passed on to other children.

Ready to pass on your toy

please follow these steps:


Take a picture of each item.


Wrap your toys with the PlayCycle toy wrapping cloth.

(Find a wrapping guide in the image.)


(Find a wrapping guide in the image.)


Share pictures of your toys on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #PlanToysPlayCycle